Jen Wickz

Came here to try their social media famous mega shakes. Was not disappointed. The shakes were fantastic! Only downside was we came in winter and it was freezing in the store! Definitely need to work on the heating as I didn’t take off my coat during our stay and we where seated indoors. Very cold breeze coming through.

Michelle Flanagan

I haven’t been to Sugar buns in awhile but they sure have upped their game. Breakfast was delicious, I was very impressed with their mango / raspberry tea. Service was great. I’ll be back

Dave Gates

My family took holidays to Victoria with a main priority to visit Sugar Buns and can I tell you the 8hr drive was certainly worth it! Not only was the food and treats amazing but the staff are some of the nicest people serving in any cafe I have been to. Please do yourself a favour and head on down to Sugar Buns and experience everything they have to offer.


a megashake?